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These redone and recently relaunched downtown L.A. hotels will take you to the Jazz Age and back again

August 2018 - Christopher Reynolds - LA Times
The Hotel Figueroa and the Mayfair Hotel, both built in 1926 in downtown Los Angeles, have been revived this year (and unveiled this month). Step inside and you’ll find history half-disguised. The Figueroa, a born-again Spanish Colonial specimen at Figueroa and 9th streets, has a YWCA connection that might surprise anyone who saw the place a decade ago in its “Casablanca” mode.

3 Newly Renovated Historic Hotels Celebrate L.A.’s Eclectic Past

August 2018 - Rachel Marlowe - Vogue
Opened in 1926 as an exclusive women's hostel by the YWCA, Hotel Figueroa was “financed, built and operated by and for femininity,” according to a Los Angeles Times article at the time, and was the largest project of its kind in the United States to be financed, owned, and operated by women. Located in the South Park district of downtown L.A., the hotel was advertised as “an ideal stopping place for ladies unattended.”

Inside the New Hotel Figueroa, L.A. Culture Comes to Life Through the Lens of Estevan Oriol

August 2018 - Eva Recinos - LA Magazine
It felt like a casual get-together in many ways, but this was the celebration for Oriol’s current rotation in Hotel Figueroa, part of the space’s new artist-in-residency program. A series of Oriol’s photographs—including some of his most recognizable images of L.A.’s lowrider and street cultures—is currently on display in the recently revamped hotel’s lobby

Breva, Hoel Figueroa, Los Angeles

July 2018 - Alia Akkam - Supper
A deluge of crime, drugs and crumbling facade once left Angelenos fleeing Downtown Los Angeles at sundown. But beginning in the late 1990s, flashy newcomers including the Staples Center and the Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall as well as pioneers like hit-maker Cedd Moses of 213 Nightlife Group have helped transform this one-time ghost town into a thriving urban community.

The 6 Coolest Downtown LA Wedding Venues

July 2018 - Kathryn Romeyn - BRIDES
Los Angeles would seem to have nearly endless wedding venues, and it does. But for those who know a beachy wedding isn’t in the cards, and are looking for something a bit urban or architectural, though still with epic views, Downtown LA is a place well worth checking out.

Sizzling Spots for Summer Cocktails in Los Angeles

July 2018 - Fiona Chandra - Entertainment Voice
It may have been warm in Los Angeles for a while now, but the new season calls for different produce, new cocktails, and a slew of bar and restaurant openings around the city. It is also the season to hit up the poolside and rooftop bars, or perhaps cool down from the heat in a basement speakeasy.

The Best Hotels in Los Angeles to Stay at for Your Bachelorette Party

July 2018 - Martha Stewart Weddings
If you're like most brides-to-be (or, at the very least, their maids-of-honor), you're searching high and low for the ultimate bachelorette party destination. The one city that's probably not on your pre-wedding party radar: Los Angeles. But it absolutely should be.

14 of the Chicest Los Angels Hotels for Bachelorette Parties

July 2018 - Venue Report
Calling all the LA (engaged) ladies! When choosing a city for the last fling before the ring, you may be drawn to somewhere tropical to relax, somewhere new to explore or somewhere bustling to party.

Save With the Forever Summer Deal

July 2018 - Newsday
The newly renovated Hotel Figueroa, in downtown Los Angeles, is offering a summer special with 30 percent off suites, plus a daily food and drink credit. The Forever Summer Deal starts at $245 per night, plus 16 percent tax.


July 2018 - Luxury Magazine
Renovated and reimagined by Studio Collective, the historic, 1920s Hotel Figueroa opened in downtown Los Angeles in February. Unique to the hotel are the signature suites: One has a secret passageway leading to the hotel's cocktail focused Bar Alta.

Breva Restaurant

July 2018 - DTLA Life Mag
Breva is the brand new Mediterranean signature restaurant hotspot just opened at Hotel Figueroa's. Chef Lane and cocktailier Dushan were inspired by their travels through the Western Mediterranean and have designed these culinary experiences to be the central heart and soul of Hotel Figueroa.

6 Best Desserts

July 2018 - Angeleno
At Hotel Figueroa's Brevo, pastry chef AshleyJacoby's delicole toke on the closslc mille-feu,lle. layered w, h honey moscorpone cream, l1ght-as-o-feother postryond rose petal jam, is o relined dessert that serves os o wonderful foil to lhe menu's bold, Bosque-inspired cooking

Spoiled For Choice

July 2018 - Departures
Maude N. Bouldin, the first female hotel manager in America, still presides over the lobby of the Hotel Figueroa, a modest high-rise that stands in elegant contrast to the Staples Center nearby.

High Style

July 2018 - By Valli Herman - California Meetings + Events
Built in 1926 as a YWCA, the Hotel Figueroa weath- ered decades of change, including an era as an exotic Moorish/Moroccan-themed hotel for tour groups. After a two-year, to-the-rafters renovation, the hotel opened this spring as a sophisticated destination near L.A.

The 11 Best New Bars in Los Angeles: Summer 2018

July 2018 - By Caroline Pardilla -
Joining the slew of new cocktail bars opening up in the recently renovated Hotel Figueroa is Rick’s, the new poolside guest-house-style bar located opposite Veranda restaurant. With its own entrance off the alley across from L.A. Live, it has hotel bar polish without your having to hustle past hotel guests and the concierge.

Hotel Figueroa Artist-in-Residence Program Keeps It Real With Estevan Oriol

July 2018 - By Lina Lecaro - LA Weekly
When it comes to presence, few possess the laid-back preeminence exuded by L.A. street photographer Estevan Oriol, the hotel's inaugural artist in residence. From gang and lowrider culture to the music and entertainment worlds, Oriol's work reveals the raw and real beauty of Los Angeles, and it has done so for more than two decades.

12 Hottest Cocktail Spots in Los Angeles, Summer 2018

June 2018 - By Crystal Coser & Matthew Kang - LA Eater
There’s no better time to celebrate spring in LA than with a nicely crafted cocktail. Luckily for the denizens of Los Angeles, the city has a wealth of outstanding bars to imbibe and entertain.

Meet the Downtown Drinks Experts

June 2018 - By Nicholas Slayton & Sean P. Thomas
DTLA - There is no shortage of places to get a great cocktail in Downtown Los Angeles. The community’s evolution as a nightlife hub has also made it a magnet for thoughtful mixologists keen on stepping far away from the old vodka-tonic or gin-and-juice.

The 17 Hottest Restaurants in LA Right Now, June 2018

June 2018 - By Matthew Kang - LA Eater
More often than not, tipsters, readers, friends, and family of Eater have one question: Where should I eat right now? Restaurant obsessives want to know what's new, what's hot, which favorite chef just launched a sophomore effort.
bar figueroa in the lobby


June 2018 - By Jeff Miller - Thrillist

Yes, this May’s been a bit drearier than usual, but guess what? It’s also been a great month for restaurant openings, with a new Hollywood steakhouse leading the way, and everything from SaMo Indian food to a Saved by the Bell-themed restaurant (!) filling your stomach.

A Two-Story Poolside Bar With Tropical Drinks

May 2018 - By Hadley Tomicki - Urban Daddy

Rick's is a two-story pool house behind Hotel Figueroa just yearning to serve you tropical punch, Mai Tais and daiquiris concocted by Employee's Only's famed barkeeps. If only the sun would cooperate. Stupid, life-sustaining sun.

chef casey lane

Breva Banishes the Ghosts From Restored Hotel Figueroa

May 2018 - Michele Stueven - LA Weekly
Just a few short years ago, you knew you were hitting downtown going east on the 10 freeway when the mysterious Hotel Figueroa loomed like a beacon on the right.

A Two-Story Poolside Bar With Tropical Drinks

May 2018 - By Hadley Tomicki - Urban Daddy

Rick's is a two-story pool house behind Hotel Figueroa just yearning to serve you tropical punch, Mai Tais and daiquiris concocted by Employee's Only's famed barkeeps. If only the sun would cooperate. Stupid, life-sustaining sun.

bar figueroa in the lobby

12 Hottest Cocktail Spots in Los Angeles, Spring 2018

May 2018 - By Crystal Coser - LA Eater

There’s no better time to celebrate spring in LA than with a nicely crafted cocktail. Luckily for the denizens of Los Angeles, the city has a wealth of outstanding bars to imbibe and entertain.
chef casey lane

A Two-Story Cocktail Palace Opens at the Historic Hotel Figueroa in Downtown LA

May 2018 - Matthew Kang - LA Eater
Dushan Zaric of NYC’s Employees Only bar has been on a tear lately, recently opening a branch of his iconic cocktail spot in West Hollywood. He’s also been tasked with launching bar spaces inside the multi-faceted and historic Hotel Figueroa in Downtown LA, and its latest addition is called Rick’s, which opened last night.

What to Eat and Drink Around the World This Week

May 2018 - By Leah Koenig - Departures

Guests and visitors at the historic, Spanish colonial-style hotel in downtown Los Angeles can enjoy coastal-Mediterranean bites at its recently-opened poolside restaurant. The space is an urban oasis with lush greenery and oversized lanterns, while the menu (created by James Beard-nominated chef Casey Lane) is centered around an outdoor wood-burning oven

bar figueroa in the lobby

Summer 2018’s Biggest Bar Openings

May 2018 - Supercall

The highlight of Bar Alta is not a bar; it’s a bartender’s table. Dushan Zaric of Employees Only fame, who designed the program along with the other three venues in the Hotel Figueroa, emphasizes that the poker table-shaped bartender’s table functions unlike any other high-end cocktail destination.
chef casey lane

Hot List: New L.A. Hotels

May 2018 - Sky Delta
Fresh off a multimillion-dollar revamp, this DTLA fixture draws on its Spanish colonial roots for decor inspiration. Cocktail lovers: Nab one of the 28 setas at Bar Alta, a swanky reservations-only spot serving bespoke drinks.

An Oasis of Whole Fish, Aperol Spritzes and Pool Hijinks in a Downtown Legend

April 2018 - By Hadley Tomicki - Urban Daddy
At least we've conjured up Veranda, a breezy, picturesque restaurant and bar that you'll find by the pool in back of Hotel Figueroa, now open come gloom or shine. Check it out. In time, we'll ideally all be frolicking around here in the sunshine, passion fruit La Croix-infused Aperol Spritz in hand, our friends clad in light linens.
bar figueroa in the lobby

Hotel Figueroa's New Veranda is a Downtown Poolside Paradise

April 2018 - BY Farley Elliot - Eater LA
Downtown’s remodeled Hotel Figueroa is nearly back in full swing, having opened its lobby-adjacent Casey Lane restaurant Breva earlier this year. Now it’s time to peek inside Veranda, the breezy back dining area with access to the property’s well-known coffin-shaped pool.
chef casey lane

Why Casey Lane is Dominating Late-Night Dining in L.A.

April 2018 - By Andy Wang - Food and Wine
Chef Casey Lane went to San Sebastián when he was doing research for Breva, his restaurant in downtown L.A.’s newly restored Hotel Figueroa. He immediately saw similarities between the Basque resort town and Los Angeles.

The Best New Restaurants to Try This Week

March 2018 - By Devra Ferst - Tasting Table
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bar figueroa in the lobby

Inside the Updated Hotel Figueroa

DTLA - Walking into the Hotel Figueroa in 2018 can be a bit of shock. Standing in the sun-dappled lobby, where the bright white walls are splashed with colorful paintings, is a stark contrast to the formerly dimly lit, Moroccan-themed space.
Woman with blond hair style

A Basque Brasserie Inside the Legendary Hotel Figueroa

March 2018 - By Hadley Tomicki - Urban Daddy

What's old is new again. Normally, we'd have nothing whatsoever to back up a ridiculous saying like that. But today, we have Breva, a new Basque brasserie from chef Casey Lane, now open at Downtown's gloriously restored Hotel Figueroa.

Woman with blond hair style

Bar Review: The New Face of the Hotel Bar

March 2018 - By Robert Simonson - PUNCH

Not long ago, if you were visiting an American city and looking for a good time, the first thing you did was get the hell out of your hotel. Then the boutique hotel arrived.

Woman with blond hair style

Bryant Ng and Other Great L.A. Chefs Take Their Food to the Masses


Many of L.A.’s best chefs are making it a lot easier to enjoy their food. From quick-service sandwiches and pizza delivery to over-the-top brunches and festival appearances, here’s a look at what’s new:

Woman with blond hair style

L.A.'s Buzziest Bars for Spring Cocktails

March 2018 - By Fiona Chandra - Entertainment Voice

The Los Angeles cocktail scene has been buzzing with several new bar openings (and bar programs changing hands) throughout the city. With spring now officially here, it’s the time to check out the spring forward cocktails at L.A.’s latest hotspots.

Woman with blond hair style

Siteseeing: Downtown Los Angeles


Hotel Figueroa, located across from the Staples Center, will reopen this spring following a $55 million refresh that restored the 1926 building to its former Spanish Colonial splendor.

Woman with blond hair style

Peek Inside the Soon-to-Open Hotel Figueroa

February 2018 - By Alysia Gray Painter - NBC Los Angeles

Like so many landmarks around Southern California, Hotel Figueroa will mark its first century in less than a decade. It opened as "an exclusive women's hostelry by the YWCA" in 1926, and soon became a "social gathering place for female artists."

Woman with blond hair style

Revamped Hotel Figueroa Opens Monday

February 2018 - By Bianca Barragan - LA Curbed

After a hiatus of more than two years, Downtown’s Hotel Figueroa reopens Monday. Desk staff confirmed that the hotel, shuttered for a remodel since November 2015, will welcome guests starting next week. (It was previously expected to open in the fall of 2016.)

Woman with blond hair style

Downtown LA's Long-Dark Hotel Figueroa Turns On the Lights This Weekend

February 2018 - By Farley Elliot - Eater LA

It looks like Downtown’s Hotel Figueroa will be opening this weekend, just in time for the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities. After a protracted remodel that has taken longer than anticipated, the sudden arrival of the gorgeous Mediterranean property is certainly a surprise.

hotel figueroa storefront

A Panoply of Places to Honor America's Women


It's always worth celebrating National Women's History Month, which occurs every March. Given the tenor of the times and a certain five-letter hashtag that's been circulating on social media, it's an ideal time to visit places that celebrate women and women's issues.

Woman with blond hair style

Inside the Historic Hotel Figueroa's Gorgeous Remodel in Downtown LA

February 2018 - By Farley Elliot - Eater LA

Downtown’s hotel renaissance is in full swing, and the latest name to start booking rooms is none other than Hotel Figueroa.

Woman with blond hair style

8 Dreamy New Hotels That Are the Perfect Excuse for a Staycation

February 2018 - By Dana Dickey - Pure Wow

Historic buildings. Sumptuous design. Clever cocktails. Chic scenes. And quiet, cozy interludes. These are what you can find in L.A.’s best new hotels.

Woman with blond hair style

Hotel Figueroa Is Finally Reopening

February 2018 - By Eddie Kim - LA Downtown News

It’s been quite the wait for the revamped Hotel Figueroa, which closed for renovations in November 2015 with a goal of reopening a year later. Various delays besieged the 1926 property, but on Monday, Feb. 19, guests will be checking in again.

Woman with blond hair style

It's Official: One of the World's Best Bars Is Coming to Los Angeles

January 2018 - By Farley Elliot - LA Eater

The Times says to expect an opening this spring, though there’s no confirmed date as Zaric is also still currently working on a multi-functional bar experience at the remodeled Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles, also slated for an arrival in the next several months.

inside breva

The Best New Restuarants in Los Angeles

Urban Daddy

A Basque Brasserie Inside the Legendary Hotel Figueroa. The Gin and Tonic Game Is Strong With This One

Woman with blond hair style

The 21 Most Anticipated Los Angeles Restaurant Openings, Early 2018

January 2018 - By Farley Elliot - Eater LA

2018 is already shaping up to be another incredible year for Los Angeles’s restaurant scene. Big-named players from across the globe (and right here at home) have been working furiously to bring their projects to life.

Woman with blond hair style

18 Projects to Watch in 2018

January 2018 - By Eddie Kim, Jon Regardie and Nicholas Slayton - LA Downtown News

DTLA - When it comes to transformative projects, it will be hard for Downtown Los Angeles to top 2017. Additionally, the community welcomed its largest recreation space in L.A. State Historic Park, several new hotels and approximately a dozen housing developments.

Woman with blond hair style

LA's Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of 2018

January 2018 - By Lesley Balla - Zagat

ow that LA has officially been recognized as the most exciting dining city in the country, don’t expect things to slow down. This year promises huge openings from notable local chefs and restaurateurs as well as award winners from New York, San Francisco and everywhere in between.

Woman with blond hair style

A Dead Building Is Reborn as the NoMad Opens

January 2018 - By Nicholas Slayton - LA Downtown News

DTLA - In 1923, with a young Downtown Los Angeles emerging as a hub of business and finance, Amadeo Giannini opened the Bank of Italy headquarters at the northwest corner of Seventh and Olive streets.

Woman with blond hair style

Here They Come: The 20 Best Hotel Openings of 2018

By Berit Baugher - Fathom

We’re calling it now: 2018 is going to be an especially great year for hotel openings. From historic renovations to off-the-grid glamping sites in some of the world’s most spectacular settings, travelers will be treated to incredible design, thoughtful collaborations, and memorable experiences.

Woman with blond hair style

Nine Drinking and Dining Openings for the New Year

January 2018 - By Eddie Kim - LA Downtown News

DTLA - The new year brings a blank slate for the dining and drinking industry in the Central City. In the next 12 months some restaurants will close, others will find their footing, and many more will debut with wide-eyed optimism about the possibilities of Downtown Los Angeles.

Woman with blond hair style

Downtown and Beyond, Los Angeles is Booming


Los Angeles has been developing at breakneck speed, with new properties and group offerings cropping up on a seemingly daily basis.

Woman with blond hair style

An Urban Oasis in Downtown LA

October 2017 - By Nicole Quaste - Global Traveler

Originally opened in 1926 as a safe haven for women travelers, Hotel Figueroa in downtown Los Angeles pays homage to the city’s rich history. Following a two-year, $30 million renovation, the newly modernized Spanish Colonial-style resort is scheduled to open in late fall.

Woman with blond hair style

Five Easy Upgrades on the Gin & Tonic

August 2017 - Punch Staff - Punch

For much of its history, the Gin & Tonic hovered above the realm of recreation. Today, however, it’s not uncommon for a simple G&T to boast a laundry list of ingredients meant to elevate the simple highball.

outside bar by pool

The 15 Most Anticipated Los Angeles Restaurant Openings, Fall 2017

August 2017 - Eater Staff - Eater LA

LA’s restaurant scene is heating up this fall after a tremendous first half of the year that brought on three notable Italian restaurants and a slew of other compelling places like The Exchange, Rosaline, Vespertine, and Verlaine.

Woman with blond hair style

Historic Hotels

August 2017 - Smart Meetings Magazine
The Hotel Figueroa opened in 1926. Currently, it's undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation and will reopen later this year. Its exterior will maintain its graceful Moorish look, while the Moroccan interior will...
Woman with blond hair style

Where To Eat Now - LA's Most Essential Restaurants

July 2017 - Edited by Michalene Busico - LA Magazine
Chef Favorites - Casey Lane - The Tasting Kitchen; Breva and Veranda at Hotel Figueroa
Woman with blond hair style

Inside LA's New Foodie Havens

Los Angeles’ dining scene is on fire, with chefs from around the country — and globe — lured by its sunny climes, crisp produce and (relatively) cheaper rents. Developers have taken notice, building food-focused destinations with multiple marquee restaurants and bars all in one spot.
Woman with blond hair style

A Hotel for Creatives


Hotel Figueroa ( will be restored to its 1920s Spanish Colonial splendor in June 2017. There are 268 rooms and suites, all designed with comfortable elegance and in-room technology in mind for today's modern traveler.

Woman with blond hair style

The 54 Best Things To Do in Downtown L.A. Right Now


Trendy blocks. Delicious eats. Killer coffeehouses. Must-see shops. Splashy new bars. The revival of our once-idle city center kicked off more than a decade ago, and it’s only picking up the pace.

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4 New Hotels Heating Up L.A.'s Luxury Travel Scene


Los Angeles is abuzz with new luxury hotel openings. From the hills of Hollywood to the sands of Malibu, these are the hottest new places to stay in the City of Angels.

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The Remodeled Hotel Figueroa Wants to Change the Way You Think About Cocktails


The waves of summer are surely here already, with a week of 80 degree weather and more sunshine on the way. That’s what makes the poolside drinking options at the upcoming Hotel Figueroa in Downtown so tantalizing.