Hotel Figueroa Art Collection


Since its inception in 1926, Hotel Figueroa has long been a hub for social progress and creative endeavors in downtown Los Angeles. Honoring this legacy, the hotel introduced a dynamic art collection showcasing a wellspring of local talent.

Contemporary works from both established and emerging artists span the mediums of photography, painting, mixed media and sculpture. Each piece was curated to complement one another and the hotel’s redesign, resulting in a collection that reflects the range of talent in today’s thriving Los Angeles art scene.

Rotating Exhibitions

The Only True Power - Wes Lang

This bold mixed media piece exemplifies Lang’s signature style which consists of gatherings and reconfigurations of American imagery and iconography, commonly featuring flags, skulls, cowboys and eagles. He also incorporates clippings of found images from newspapers and pornographic magazines in his work. Lang explains “I like to take American history and then completely ignore it ... it comes out of criticism and great love.” Aggregating these images is central to Lang’s process, an autodidactic painter who learned art handling at the Guggenheim Museum. (lobby) 

This is Los Angeles - Estevan Oriol

An installation of iconic black and white photos from the private collection of renowned photographer and director Estevan Oriol lines the hallway that leads from the main lobby to the hotel pool. Legendary for a portfolio that juxtaposes the glamorous and gritty planes of Los Angeles’ urban culture, Oriol’s work has been exhibited in the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives and the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, among others. He is also a noted celebrity photographer whose past subjects have ranged from Al Pacino to Snoop Dogg. (lobby hallway to pool) 

Fluorescent Cross - Heather Carson

An illuminated cross of manipulated fluorescent lighting created by Carson as a visceral and active presence. (mezzanine landing) 

A Different Dream - Colin Burns

Silkscreen of actress Frances Farmer being led to a mental institution. Colin Burns was born 1966 and attended Corcoran and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. He sang in numerous rock n roll outfits in Boston and New York. Founding member of Goldmine Shithouse. Solo shows in New York City, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles. GMSH shows in New York, Seattle, LA, Berlin, Salt Lake City, San Francisco. (lobby stairs landing) 

Commissioned Works

Maude - Alison Van Pelt

This arresting oil-on-canvas work, greeting guests at the hotel’s entrance, pays tribute to Hotel Figueroa’s first female general manager, Maude N. Bouldin, the first woman in the hotel world to claim the title of managing director. Van Pelt built the portrait through a complex process of drawing and painting, then blurring and rebuilding. The resulting imagery is revealing yet mysterious (hotel reception desk) 

Redhead in a Sea of Blondes – Karen Freeman

An acrylic-on-canvas abstract painting reflecting Freeman’s signature style of drawing inspiration from the loves of her life, which range from a simple 4th grade sketch to the organic pattern of a European village. (lower level) 

Unnamed - Sarah Awad

Two oil-on-canvas abstract paintings vividly exemplify scenes that appear to be floating in indeterminate landscape as amorphous masses move freely across the canvas, giving a surprising sense of movement. (near Breva entrance) 

Hotel Figueroa Bookplates - Eduardo Benedetto

Collaboration between Hotel Figueroa and artist. Victorian bookplates updated and personalized, in each book in the Writers Series of suites. Eduardo Benedetto (born 1976) is a Filipino-American artist. He was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to New Jersey at the age of 9. He studied Fine Arts at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and anatomy drawing at Columbia University. After moving to California in the late 1990s, he briefly worked as a freelance artist illustrating storyboards for music videos and album covers. In 2004, he started exhibiting works in local galleries around Los Angeles. By 2010 he had exhibited his paintings with group shows in New York, Seattle, Miami, Germany and UK. His work includes highly rendered figurative anamorphic animal characters, mixed media paintings and dioramas. (Writers Series of suites) 

Hotel Figueroa Customized Box for Guestroom Intimacy Kit - Kiyoshi Nakazawa

A private commission between the artist & illustrator and Hotel Figueroa. Graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California spring of 1999 with a BFA in Fine Arts. He resides in Los Angeles with his two daughters. He has completed work for numerous clients including Mattel, LA Weekly, Dark Horse Comics, World War III Illustrated, Razorcake, Giant Robot magazine, Destroy All Music, Gorsky Press, Pancrase, The Derby, The Unlovables, The Aquabats!, Sweet Velvet C, Thrash Out and many more. (guest rooms) 

Permanent Collection

Unnamed – Jesse Mockrin

An oil on canvas painting that draws on the formal decorative qualities of 18th century Rococo. Mockrin’s current body of work is inspired by a men’s fashion magazine spread, finding visual similarities in the spread’s theme “dark florals are in for men” and the flowery Rococo paintings she looks to as a model. The men depicted in these paintings are dandies – what could be read as the 18th century parlance for gender fluidity. (above lobby fireplace) 

Antigone 3000 Mini Preludes – Alexandra Grant

An oil on linen piece that is part of Grant’s Antigone 3000 series, which is inspired by images of the Rorschach test, cut in half, so what remains is a stain, serving as a mirror in which to face our deepest desires and fears. 

Unbleached Canvas – Mary Little

A textile wall hanging made of the same unbleached cotton used for artists canvases, was manipulated by Little into grids of ridges that produce plays of shadow and light. (lobby) 

Unnamed – Nancy Baker Cahill

A mixed media on paper project that represents the body as a complicated abstraction. Cahill draws with charcoal to create compositions that swirl and seem to explode from their background. 

Woman No. 1 , 2016 – Whitney Hubbs

An archival pigment print, part of Hubb’s most recent body of work, “Body Doubles.” In this series, Hubbs photographed models instructed to pose for the camera as if they were her, stand-ins for the artist herself. 

Woman, Leaves and Stone Fruit – America Martin
An acrylic and oil on canvas painting, influenced by both folk art and modernist painting with chunky and exaggerated human proportions, strong contour lines and minimal shading. Martin’s technique of layering oil and acrylic on raw canvas allows the paint to soak in like ink, resulting in a vibrant and lively composition. (hotel reception desk) 

Slot Canyon, 2016 – Lily Stockman

An oil on linen painting that recalls 1970s feminist abstractions with the use of muted colors and soft forms. Stockman’s work is masterfully constructed with elegant lines that appear straight from a distance and reveal an imperfect geometry. She uses no guides or taping, relying rather on confidence of hand and mind. This body of work takes inspiration from Derek Jarman’s postmodern garden on the rugged coast of England, a place where the inhospitable terrain is framed by geometric beds of native plants and collected stones. (lobby) 

Aries (Nature Comes Into Her Own), 2015 - April Street

An acrylic on layered hosiery piece, part of Streets series of relief paintings which are embodied within ideas of performativity. This work manifests from a sequence of scripted positions, where Street imprints her body into pools of acrylic paint while being partially wrapped in yards of hosiery fabric. The residue of this choreographed performance was then reworked via stuffing, twisting and painting to produce a vivid abstract wall relief, recalling the feminist practices of the 1960s and 1970s. (lobby) 

Boy from Wall Street - Minas Halaj

Originally from Armenia and currently living in Los Angeles. “You can discuss and argue about art forever. To me, everything is abstract and interchangeable. It’s all about how you look at things. I love light, life, shadow, line, & color, where the world of an artist begins, trying to sink into art, being drawn into emotion. It helps me to understand the tragedy and the happiness of the reality of life itself. I consider myself the luckiest of all to have been given the gift of creation and I live and work through the appreciation of divinity of art.” (library) 

Mother & Child - Michael Foulkrod

Originally from New Jersey and currently living in Los Angeles. It's who we are today- the pre-Blade Runner era. My models bring the art of them to me, and I express who we are today. Come spring I chase tornados, looking for the perfect scene to paint. Paint your life, I always say. I have also been a master decorative and muralist painter for over 30 years, just trying to live the dream before the big dirt nap ---worship all that you see and more will appear. (library)