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Here’s What You Need To Know

This is your Downtown Los Angeles devotee with the 411 on what’s happening right now at Hotel Figueroa and what’s coming down the pipe. We’re going full caterpillar for the next few months until Summer 2016, but first—lemme give you the dirt on our see-you-cats-later Farewell Party. Here’s the cliff notes: it was a gas of a night. We did it up right in our Moroccan oasis on a perfect November night. Pretty sure the spirits of the trailblazing gals who founded the joint in 1926 were in the house that night, alongside everyone taking in the patio and DTLA scenery one last time before we hibernate for a New York minute. The next time you lay eyes on the place, it’ll be reborn with a new look—but still powered by that creative can-do that’s kept all of you Faithful out there in La La Land coming back whenever you need a zap of inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, the interior design team behind our metamorphosis has got that in spades, and I’m going to intro you to them so you get a sense of what’s to come. (Which is gonna be platinum, trust.) They’re Studio Collective, they’re seasoned—and they’re spectacular. Known as a studio-by-the-sea in Santa Monica, this award-winning boutique firm has re-imagined and revitalized some of the City of Angels’ most historic nuggets, from The Bungalow at The Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica to Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel (aka the very spot where the Academy Awards kicked off for the first time in 1929). And now, our 285-room downtown L.A. refuge.

The Studio Collective trio of design gurus—Adam Goldstein, Leslie Kale and Christian Schulz—are big-leaguers. They’re vets of hospitality, nightlife, retail and residential design with a combined resume that reads like a design who’s who, then and now: Ian Schrager, Frank Gehry, Philippe Starck, Dodd Mitchell and Kelly Wearstler. Yowza. And they’ve got a few rules to live by, too: craft always trumps status, history always trumps trend and, last but not least, always find a way to enjoy the process. These guys are speaking our language, know what I mean?

When it comes to design language, they love words like eclectic, comfortable, lived-in, timeless and—wait for it—local. They’re a collective because they live to collaborate with other artists. And they’re pulling in this city’s top-notch artisans to build on the good bones of our beloved Fig, bringing it back to its original Spanish Colonial glory. That said, they’re not recreating the past. History’s the foundation, sure, but they envision a creative campus with a residential feel and a variety of venues under one roof. A place where the touch of an actual human hand in design means something. A place that feels collected, not constructed. A place that will evolve beautifully over time, like a well-loved leather jacket.

Luckily for you, right before we closed our doors I got to peek into the future and scope out the new guest rooms. You guys are gonna dig these digs! File them under less is more, ‘cause the team has quietly thought of everything without being obvious about any of it. I can’t spill the whole can of beans, but I will say they’ve done some seriously stellar work. They’ve mixed classic with contemporary, and even created a kind of conversation with the local artists who adorn the walls. It’s the kind of space that instantly makes you feel at home—and the kind of design ideas you’ll totally want to steal for your own castle.

…bringing it back to its original Spanish Colonial glory

Right now you can walk out of the joint with a few new things to spruce up your pad, completely on the up and up. We’ve got a massive sale in full swing, baby, and you’re invited. We’re rehoming just about every piece of furniture, fixture, art and architectural element that we’ve got. So especially if the Moroccan motif is your bag, you will want to see if we’ve got the goods to make your place mint. It runs now (that’s N-O-W) thru December 20… or whenever we get cleaned out. So chop, chop, friends.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on three floors of the Fig:

  • Wooden tables, benches & bed frames
  • Antique lighting fixtures
  • Bar equipment
  • Patio furniture
  • Tangier Lounge decor
  • Mechanical equipment (it’s ALL going!)

You can shop 10AM – 6PM Monday thru Saturday, and 12PM – 5PM Sunday. Word on the street is they’re taking cash, Visa or MasterCard. Sorry, sweetheart, leave your Diners Club card at home (but bring your photo ID so they can make that mug of yours). Oh, and here’s a video sneak peek of what you’ll score.

For more info, click here. Happy hunting, all you characters.

And that’s the downtown dish that’s fit to print… for now. But I’ll make sure you stay in orbit as things happen. In the meantime, keep this rag on your shortlist and I promise you’ll always have the word from the bird. The real McCoy. The truth.

‘Til next time,