Drawing of Downtown LA and Hotel Figueroa from the Grand Opening in 1926

The Grand Premiere Continued

That same year… they broke ground on the Hotel Figueroa. Those women were organized.

The Hotel Figueroa was completed ahead of schedule (because: unstoppable women) and dedicated on August 14, 1926. Oh yes, there was dancing. More than 300 guests attended the inaugural soiree in the Fountain Ballroom, including reps from nearly every woman’s club in the city.

The 409-room hotel was by women, for women. The top nine floors were reserved for “business, travelling and professional” women. Only the second and third floors were open to men and their families.

Everything in the space catered to professional women, starting with the conservatively elegant lobby in the Spanish Colonial style. The hotel was a one-stop shop for business needs with: telephone booths, receiving nooks, a travel bureau, a cashier, a newsstand, a writing salon, a public stenographer and a beauty salon. (The ladies threw the men a bone with their own smoking room and shoeshine parlor.) It was like the Noon Rest on a massive scale, 24/7.