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Simple Ways to Practice Self Care in L.A.

Maintaining a career, family responsibilities, friendships, and personal well being can greatly enhance your overall quality of life, but the ongoing balancing act doesn’t come without a certain level of stress. Living in a city like Los Angeles comes with its own unique set of challenges that can lead to stress without you ever realizing it, so keep these tips in mind if you want to make self-care a priority in your day-to-day life.

Learn What Self-Care Means To You

Self-care is not one-size-fits-all. The key to learning which wellness approach will work best for you is to try many different options and keep track of how you feel after you engage with them. Prefer running outside to doing yoga in a studio? Lean more into running activities and invest in the resources that will enhance your running experience. Do you feel better getting pedicures with one good friend versus going to a meditation session or vice versa? Try a variety of activities and keep a note of which felt the most rewarding and which others felt like work.

 Let Someone Else Do the Driving

Whether you’re meeting friends for dinner after a stressful day or you’re preparing to pitch new clients for a business deal, opting for a ride share service when you’re feeling a bit anxious instead of getting behind the wheel could help eliminate the frustration of driving and having to look for parking. If driving through L.A.’s hectic streets and highways is a source of stress, call up a Lyft, request that your driver turn on some calming music, and take the time to gather your thoughts and relax. If you live near public transportation and your destination is near a Metro stop, hop on the train since some commutes, such as taking the train from North Hollywood to DTLA, are often faster then driving.

Block Out Time On Your Calendar For Yourself.

There will always be a party, gallery opening, film screening, networking event, dinner, or concert happening in L.A., and while it could be tempting to want to attend everything that comes your way, the constant grind will eventually catch up with you. To save yourself from socializing fatigue, allot a few days on your calendar every week or month that is just time for you to relax or reflect and stick to it. You already pencil in everything else into your schedule, so if you can’t keep a standing appointment with yourself, who can you commit to?


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