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Meet DJ Myra Hasson


Hotel Figueroa’s Featured Sound Artist series seeks to present an authentic reflection of the culture of Los Angeles through the ears of local musicians, DJs and culture-shakers. In keeping with Hotel Figueroa’s history and legacy, we focus on supporting intersectional feminism.

We are pleased to give you a sneak preview of our next Featured Sound Artist playlist for Hotel Figueroa, created by DJ Myra Hasson. Her four-hour playlist is vibey, jazzy, soulful, and very eclectic—running the gamut from Serge Gainsbourg to Bootsy Collins to Sunni Colon. This playlist launched March 1 as our morning/inside playlist, replacing the rocksteady/reggae playlist that has been featured since last year. Listen to it on Spotify HERE.

Myra is an L.A. native and her story is unique and interesting, making her an excellent match for our Featured Sound Artist series. She was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, eventually attending USC, where she was a nationally ranked track and field athlete in training for the U.S. Olympics team. Myra eventually heard the call of her true passion for design, art and music, switching to the study of graphic design at Otis College of Art and Design. She currently teaches elementary school in South Central Los Angeles, models part-time and DJ’s in the evening.

When you were selecting songs for the Hotel Figueroa playlist what styles and moods did you have in mind?

When I walked into the hotel after it had been restored, I immediately felt an extremely tasteful Spanish vibe. I had to grab sounds that I felt reflected the design of the space (beautiful, intentional, timeless, cultural, fly, etc). I am a very soulful person, so I make sure that my sound reflects vibrations that can be felt in the spirit. I have a very eclectic and hungry ear for different instruments and combinations, so I wanted to make sure that the playlist focused on sounds that are sophisticated.

Your playlist reflects a wide variety of eras and styles, yet it all hangs together. What is the common thread in these songs?

The sounds I chose all have a playful and youthful vibe. I made sure that it speaks to the inner child—fearless, fun, and open.

Some people create playlists with certain activities in mind: cleaning the house, getting ready to go out, romance etc. Does your playlist reflect a particular time of day or activity?

My playlist reflects a state of mind. I want people to be open and enjoy the moment. Be present and take everything in…it doesn’t matter the time of day.

How does your playlist reflect your experience of living in L.A.?

L.A. is a very eclectic city. You get any and every walk of life here. I was born and raised in South Central L.A., so I was and am constantly exposed to different cultures out here in the city. It made me embrace being a citizen of not only L.A., but a citizen of the world. My playlist is a piece of L.A. through my eyes.

We love the jazz stylings of your set. Did you grow up listening to a lot of jazz?

I actually only started heavily listening to jazz a year ago. When I started DJing, I had a passion to dig for music (and still do). I learned that digging for music is like a diving into a rabbit hole…and that you can gladly get lost in it. I am in love with digging and finding new sounds that can inspire parts of myself that I never felt.

LA has a very long and rich affiliation with jazz and Latin jazz, did you consciously try to show that in your playlist?

That was definitely unconscious. I actually didn’t know that! Maybe my spirit did. I grew up in the hood with Blacks and Hispanics, went to school with them, made friends with them…so I guess both cultures are a big part of me and my upbringing. I feel that a part of my lineage may be Latin. I am very drawn to the instruments, the language and the culture. It’s very sexy and beautiful. Jazz also shares a part of pain that I feel we all can relate to. I like to go towards the sounds that illuminate the sensitive parts of me.

Where can we see you spin?

I’m currently being very particular in where I DJ. It has only been corporate or private events. I am in a state of transition, reflecting to see where my vibe and brand fits. My vibe doesn’t belong just anywhere anymore. I’m still searching.

Discover More

Visitors to the hotel can hear Myra’s playlist every morning, or listen to the playlist now on Hotel Figueroa’s Spotify channel. Follow more of her musical adventures on Instagram.

We’re continually inspired by the creative energy of Downtown Los Angeles. For local recommendations—and to hear from the diverse individuals who make DTLA what it is today—head to our Meet You Downtown blog.