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Meet the DJ: Bettie Blue

If you’ve been feeling the beats lately at Hotel Figueroa, that’s because we have Lindsay Mancini, better known by her DJ name Bettie Blue, controlling the tunes. “I’m really inspired by movies, so when I was putting this playlist together, I wanted something that was going to feel cinematic, almost like a soundtrack.”

We chatted with Mancini over on IGTV to learn more about her life as a DJ, her favorite kinds of music, and more.

Where does the name Bettie Blue come from?

It comes from a French film called Betty Blue, but I spell it differently. I didn’t want it to narrow my music style or the options I had. It probably wouldn’t have made that big of a difference but it felt important to me.

What sparked your career as a DJ?

I’ve always been very into music and I’ve always collected records. I started experimenting with mashing up different songs and figuring out how to do that, and when I met my husband, he was a DJ. So I’d go to gigs with him and just observe. Eventually I started doing it with him, and now we DJ together for parties and festivals. It’s been really fun to travel and get to work together.

And then through that, obviously I have my own work as well, my own residencies around LA and different collectives.

What’s your favorite type of music to play?

I like to play disco. It varies, but disco is my main love. My true love.

You’ve mentioned you wanted this latest playlist for Hotel Figueroa to feel like a soundtrack. Can you talk more about that?

The idea was you could walk in, and everything just fits into place and it just heightens that sense that you’re somewhere sexy and relaxed and fun.

Tell us more about how you define your own personal style.

Style in itself is how you hold yourself and how you have relationships. So I want to be warm. I want to feel that in the music I play. I want people to feel comfortable. I want people to feel excited. I want people to feel nostalgic. And I want to feel all of those things too. It’s not just about me trying to make somebody else feel something, it’s me trying to reflect how I feel. And I think my music does that as well.

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Stay up to date with Mancini, AKA Bettie Blue, on Instagram.

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